Friday, December 7, 2012

Tumble Turns by MagTwi78

Title: Tumble Turns
Author: MagTwi78
Rated: M
Chapter: 1 (Oneshot)
Status: Complete
Pairing: E/B

Edward holds the expectations of the world on his shoulders. Bella is representing her country. Can a girl who blends in make it work with a boy that stands out? Swimmerward and Britella– for the Going for the Gold Anonymous Twi-Fic Contest WINNER: Public vote, Best use of the Olympics SECOND PLACE: Judge's vote

Bella is British and Edward is an American. They meet at the opening ceremony of Olympic and the love sparks in instant. But they have to keep the relationship in quiet, don't want an unwelcome attention from the others parties.
What a lovely oneshot. It's cute, really :))

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