Friday, December 7, 2012

My Beautiful Storm by troublefollows1017

Title: My Beautiful Storm
Author: troublefollows1017
Rated: M
Chapters: 20
Status: Complete
Pairing: E/B

Weather-obsessed Bella finds Edward's journal, leading her on a trip down memory lane. Back then, Edward had run away, hoping to find a new purpose. Bella couldn't wait for her chance to escape, sure she knew what she wanted. Neither one expected this.

The story begins with Bella who reads Edward's journal that brings her to the memories from the first time they meet. They met in a summer break in their senior year of highschool. With Edward's past that still a mistery, Bella make a friendship with him. From friendship became love and within time they learned each other speciality. Yes, Bella is obsessed with weather, whenever she's nervous, she would talk about the weather. And Edward didn't find it funny or stupid. So did Bella, she looked at Edward's speciality as a gift. Together they spend the rest of senior year in love. But not all things went smoothly of course. There's Edward's past and family that became an issue in Edward's internal life. Because Edward and Bella were so clueless in love department, they needed help from their cousin, popular couple Emmett and Rose.
This is a sweet unique and beautiful story. Really really beautiful. I don't know if someone like Bella does exist in reality, but maybe, who knows? And someone like Edward? Maybe. He made a symphony for Bella to express his undying love. What a grand gesture (Bella's words). But they are really really a cute couple. Cute story. Love it :))
Well written and HEA. I looooove the ending so much.


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