Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh Brother by RobzBeanie

Title: Oh Brother
Author: RobzBeanie
Rated: M
Chapters: 26
Status: Completed
Pairing: E/B

Shy, orphaned Edward comes to live with his older brother and his wife to finish out his last year of high school, bringing with him a seven-year crush on his sister-in-law. AU, AH ** TASTE OF THE FORBIDDEN CONTEST WINNER - Honorable Mention Judges Vote and Judges Favorite from SoapyMayhem **

Oh are hot! Yes, Bella couldn't help herself when Edward, his 18 years old baby brother in law confessed his needs and attraction to her. Her marriage with Jasper is not that bad, they're trying to get pregnant for the last two years and no such luck. Bella is craving sex for fun not just a duty to have a baby. So yeah, opportunity comes and unfortunately Jasper knows in the worst way. From here, Bella's life becomes a hell. She pays the price of cheating, she lost friends, husband, a place she used to live. In the otherhand, Edward cannot stop loving Bella. He is willing to wait for her.
Okay, the story is so unique and different. There are some issues in this story, like age difference that Bella finds it so hard to accept. 11 years older than Edward is big issue for her. Then also infertility issue. I have a soft spot for her in this. When Jasper tells Bella that he and his new girlfriend are expecting a baby, Bella's world is crushing down. She believes that all of this time, is her fault the reason they can't pregnant. But with Edward, who knows? It's really not easy, full of effort and everyday babymaking doesn't much help.
I can't say I'm team Bella or team Edward in this story. What I love is both Bella and Edward learn from the action they did, they live the guilty feeling and they move on. They pay the price, they work on it, and get what they want. This story is more realistic with the issues, how Bella deals with her own hell. I enjoy reading it. It's a happy ending, of course :) Good story.

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