Friday, December 7, 2012

Knock Love Out by

Title: Knock Love Out
Rated: M
Chapters: 26
Status: Complete
Pairing: E/B

In the event of a slip and falling in love, please contact management. Bella wants to have an affair. Light-hearted story based on heavy-hearted subjects. No real angst. Edward's got it in the grocery bag.

Cougar alert! LOL Bella is in a loveless marriage, she wants an affair with some guy, but with whom? But when a very young fine man can appreciate the beauty in her, who is Bella to resist? Yup, Edward has it bad to Bella. They meet in an aisle in the grocery shop where he works. Edward offers pure and young love, what will Bella do?
A very good story. Please don't judge by the age difference, anyone can get in a situation like Bella. It is very well written that when I read it I can feel what Bella's feeling in this story. Love it :)

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