Saturday, March 23, 2013

Now and Then by troublefollows1017

Title: Now and Then
Author: troublefollows1017
Rated: M
Chapters: 16
Status: Complete

Right now, she can't remember. He can't forget or let go. Then, she fell in love fast and hard. So did he. Can the heart remember what the mind has forgotten? Edward can only hope.

A beautiful story. Bella is a singer, Edward is musician and a singer too. They met in a tour, they fall in love, but tragedy happened. Now, Edward can only hope, his Bella can come back in his arms.
Edward here is so patient, his undying love brought me to tears. He never give up. He fights for his love.
Sweet story and HEA, of course :)

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1 comment:

  1. Wow!
    That was came out after finishing this story. I feel I need to give my opinion.

    I must say this story is really playing with emotion although it's not close to angst, but still the hurt/comfort genre speaks a lot.
    I like this Edward very much. He is not the typical romantic Edward like the most ff do. He's stubborn (in a good way), brave (again, in a good way) and stick to his words (definitely in a good way). He is the quality of man I like in real life. No matter what others said, he knows what he wants and he just doesn't give up. A rare quality you can find these days.

    Okay, I better stop talking now. Yes, it has HEA, but once you start read the first chapter, you can't a good way ;)