Friday, March 8, 2013

Masen Rules by CaraNo

Title: Masen Rules
Author: CaraNo
Rated: M
Status: Complete

Sometimes rules do more harm than good. Sometimes they're meant to be broken. Bella takes a risk and sets out to break the most important rule of them all. Well, it's the most important one to the Masens.

A very intense story, about Bella who's trying to reconnect her husband, Edward, with his father, Edward Senior. It's not easy, because both are the same stubborn and keep the rules. But Bella has to find some ways to bend the rules, just so they get back together again. TattWard, ChefWard, he's not actually a chef but has the cooking skill. Juicy lemon, dangerous place, various style (what am I talking about? LOL). In the end, it's a very good story.


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  1. Hoho...various style? :D
    Gonna try to read this tonight. Angsty? Because I know the author is angsty specialist (what am i talking about? hehe)...