Friday, March 22, 2013

Dead Man Walking by MandyLeigh87

Title: Dead Man Walking
Author: MandyLeigh87
Rated: M
Chapters: 13
Status: Complete

When graduate student Isabella Swan decides to write her final paper on death row inmate Edward Masen, she promises her mother she won't get too involved. She couldn't have been more wrong.

I don't know why PrisonerWard is always hot and sexy. This story proves it. Well written and interesting. Of course we know that Bella and Edward would likely to fall in love with each other, but how and the way to go there is the most frustrating moment. And when it explodes, I shout like a mad woman. Don't worry, it's HEA. Eventhough it's only 13 chapters, it's very intense, and save the best for the last. You know what it is ;)

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