Thursday, November 1, 2012

Through The Kitchen Window by TheFicChick

Title : Through The Kitchen Window
Author : TheFicChick
Rated : T
Chapter : 1 (oneshot)
Pairing : E/B

Summary :
"From very early on, I worried that the biggest thing in my youngest son's life would be the girl he could never escape. I thought it would be horrible for his story to be so ensnared with someone else's, such a tangled ball of yarn that it couldn't be unknotted. Bright, colorful, beautiful to be sure, but so hopelessly snarled in and around itself that it would never be freed."

Review :
A very beautiful oneshot. An Edward story, told by a mother point of view, Esme. It's a simple storyline, only Esme who makes it differently beautiful. This story told me about how a mother felt when she realized she was pregnant again (yeah I've been there), the feeling when her son was in fifth grade and got the bully (I don't know if I have the heart to face this in the real life in the future) or when her son kissed a girl under her roof. Yeah those kind of feelings that I learned from this fic.
Really, this story is so so meaningful. Simple with beautiful and well written. I'm so touched. This is about Edward and Bella story, don't worry there's no funny bussiness written between Esme and Carlisle, it's rated T. A wonderful rated T fic.
Read it, I guarantee you ladies will all be touched by the tenderness and lovefullness from Esme. I hope I can be like her in the future, I know nothing perfect in this world but nothing or no-one can stop me for giving the best to my family :)

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