Friday, November 16, 2012

Letters to Corporal Masen by solostintwilight

Title: Letters to Corporal Masen
Author: solostintwilight
Rated : M
Chapters : 37
Status : Complete
Pairing : E/B

Writing to offer a bit of home to a soldier overseas, she discovers words can bind a friendship. Lonely in war torn Europe, he finds hope in letters from a stranger. What happens when the war is over?

Letters to Corporal Masen *le sigh* This is the most romantic twi-fic story I read. Bella found her true love through letters. She found Edward, a duty soldier during World War II. They correspondent for months. Between letters, they got to know each other and developed a feeling, a mutual feeling. Bella found the reason that she was important and had meaning to someone else, once a completely stranger. Edward found a reason to come home, Bella, his angel.
Bella had faith in Edward, so did he. It's so romantic, I don't even know what to write here because it's so romantic and beautiful and sweet, gahh...! Edward here is so romantic, I believe the men in that era were all romantic (imagining Pearl Harbor movie). My heart is taken, with Corporal Masen *happy sigh*
Oh and this fic is so well written and HEA of course ;) This story has become my favorite completed multichap fanfic of the month :)

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