Thursday, November 1, 2012

La Vie De Bella by coldplaywhore

Title La Vie De Bella
Author : coldplaywhore
Rated : M
Chapter : 1 (oneshot)
Pairing : E/B

Summary :

Stranded before Thanksgiving with no where to go. She throws caution to the wind and finds what she never knew she was looking for.

Review :
This story reminds me of few years ago, when blog was an online diary, I'm not into that anymore :) Anyway, this Bella really really enjoys her time, eventhough her flight is delayed because of the storm, she still can update her blog. And when a handsome stranger offers his apartement for stay until the storm is over, Bella can not resist it. She never knew she needs it so bad.
A cute story, beautiful and well written. Edward is older than Bella, he is a photographer while Bella is still a college student. Of course, Edward has more experience, but he's not a player ;)

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