Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Roomate by mandyleigh87

Judul : The Roomate
Author : mandyleigh87
Rated : M
Bab : 28
Tamat : Sudah
Cast : E/B

Review :
I needed a roommate. What I got was one heck of a problem.
Bella's roomate decided to move in to her boyfriend's place and bring a friend as Bella's new roomate. Little did she know, the new roomate is Bella's ex-boyfriend a.k.a. love of her life in highschool. Yeah, everything begins interesting when Bella bring a guy home to their apartement. Nothing can stop their attraction to each other. But before everything moves farther, Bella and ex need to come clean behind the biggest brokep up of history in their life.
The sexual tension in the beginning is fun but getting hotter. They are in love with each other but the broke-up has left the damage to both of them. It's a fun and sweet story. HEA all the way ;)

Link : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6945446/1/The_Roommate

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