Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Confidence Man by OhMyWord

Judul : The Confidence Man
Author : OhMyWord
Rated : M
Bab : 29
Tamat : Sudah
Cast : E/B

Review :
"The target is Isabella Swan, fellow graduate student. Came into a fortune when her mother died, she doesn't seem to care to do anything with it. Quiet, shy, just waiting for The One. I'll be everything she wants me to be."
Bella is an ordinary girl, becomes a millionaire because her mother died and left her a fortune. She is so clueless and too good. When Anthony comes into her world, Bella falls for him. He is just what she needs. A true friend, a passionate boyfriend, a hero. Everything runs so smooth, Bella is happy, so are her friends. No-one notices all the coincidence between Anthony and Bella. Anthony just has to stick to the original plan from his boss, to after Bella's money. But he can not deny what he feels. He needs to protect Bella from someone like him. Anthony needs to back become Edward. When his boss pressed him more, Bella starts to get suspicious. With the help of his father and a friend, Bella reveal the truth of Anthony or should she say Edward Cullen.
Yes, Edward is a thief. He is a hot good-looking thief. Smooth, his victims were all women, mostly romantically lonely and clueless. But when his target is Bella, everything is different. He can not hurt her. She can make him to tell the truth.
Edward here is so smooth bastard, but not that bastard with Bella, like taking advantage of her sexually or financial, no, not yet. Edward can be pushy and do what he should do to accomplish his goal. His boss always keeping tab to make sure he is still on track. Edward owed his life to his boss, he can not let him down. But he wants to fight for his love, for Bella, who is so innocent, so pure with a good heart.
Happy ending all the way, not so lemony but so so so good. Also super well written :) I love it.

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