Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Words with Friends by Nolebucgrl

Judul : Words With Friends
Author : Nolebucgrl
Rated : M
Bab : 60
Tamat : Sudah
Cast : E/B
"Bella Swan has a major crush on a major star, Edward Cullen. They have an obsession with the same game. Can they connect through Words with Friends and become more than that?"
 Bella adores Edward, the big actor. When Edward told in an interview that he played game Words with Friends in his iPhone, Bella and her best friend Alice went searching for the possibly username. And luck was with Bella. She got the right one. And what made her happy was Edward actually responded to her request. So they continued the game, exchange some messages within and get to know each other. At that point, Edward didn't know that Bella knew who he was. When situation got hot and hotter, Bella can't avoid the truth that Edward is a movie star. Bella wanted Edward to be hers, but it means she has to be the part of Edward's glamour world.
Wow...super hot juicy lemonade ! Everything got hotter and everyone got hornier when those two meet. Bella and the gank, Edward and brother. Poor Alice, Jasper in here is still a teenager :PThis fic is funny and sexy.I enjoyed Edward's and Bella's exchange words in their game, their emails. It's all fun and hot !
Don't forget to read Words with Strangers, the EPOV of Words with Friends :)

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