Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Deal by m7707

Judul : Good Deal
Author : m7707
Rated : M
Bab : 10
Tamat : Sudah
Cast : E/B

Review :
Bella benci Rosalie. Mereka musuh bebuyutan. Bella ingin balas dendam atas perlakuan Rosalie selama ini. Kali ini, strategi yang Bella jalani adalah menggoda pacar Rosalie, Edward, cowok paling populer di sekolah, paling ganteng dan terbaik. Tidak tanggung-tanggung, Bella langsung melancarkan aksinya saat pertama kali berkenalan dengan Edward. Ternyata Edward tidak keberatan dengan motif Bella. Hingga akhirnya Bella dan Edward tidak sanggup lagi menyangkal isi hati mereka.
Phew, HOT ALERT, ladies ! Fast and hard and to the point :D Good story :)

A little part from chapter 4:
"So let me get this straight," he said a day or two later, holding me by my thighs, which were wrapped around his waist as he banged me against the wall in the stockroom at Newton's Sporting Goods. "Every time Rose pisses you off, you're going to fuck me?"
"Yep," I breathed, pushing back against him as he pounded into me. The boy had some serious strength and stamina. "Pretty much."
"Good deal," he gasped, burying his head in my neck.

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