Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watching Her by les16

Judul : Watching Her
Author : les16
Rated : M
Bab : 50
Tamat : Sudah
Cast : E/B

Review :
"She's his Drummer Girl. She plays. She dances. She's got secrets. He watches her. If he comes out of the woods will she let him in or close the doors forever?"
Edward loves to watch. in the middle of the night. Especially watching Bella. At first he ddidn't know a thing about her, the Drummer Girl. But somehow Edward braved himself to give a little gift for her. Then they exchanged notepad, told stories about themselves. And all he knows now he love her. One thing he wanted to do is save her and make her mine.
Ahhhh this is a beautiful fic. At first kinda boring because all we read is just the same, Edward watching Bella. But as the chapters came along, it made progress and it got more interesting. Bella with her own problem and Edward got nothing but his parent's love and bestfriend's supports. I didn't know how attractive Edward is until the last chapters. Ohh he is so hot, i believe Bella is lucky to make him hers *envy* LOL
And when those two meet in flesh, I cried. Such a sappy chapter.
Love this fic and the author just started the sequel ! Love it !!

Link :
sequel :

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