Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Diner by jessypt

Title : The Diner
Author : jessypt
Rated : M
Chapters : 26
Status : Complete
Pairing : E/B

Summary :
Bella is a baker with a rough past, looking for a new start. Edward is a chef trying to get his life back on track. What happens when things heat up in the kitchen at The Diner?

Review :
This fic is simply classic. With all the simple angst, I said simple because recently the form of angst is getTing heavier day by day, seriously. It’s about Bella who tried to runaway from her crazy ex-husband (or so she thought). She cameback to Forks, her hometown and lived with Charlie. Bella loves to bake and that’s what she does when she got a job at the local diner, The Diner. Besides waitressing, she made cupcakes. The only problem is the chef. Yes, Edward the chef. He is so grumpy about his kitchen, even Bella has to take his grumpiness. So as Edward and Bella slowly become closer, they learn about each other and deeply care. They both know that each other has issues but afraid to push it. When the storm really comes to their relationship, Edward and Bella realize that they have to handle their issues first if they want to move on in their relationship.
Yes, simply sweet and hot. Yes it has angst but I’m sure it’s not a big deal. It’s classic and well written. This story has been waiting patiently in my to-be-read list for almost two years lol. By the way, this ChefWard is hot and sexy and he can cook. Isn't it amazing ? Imagine waking up in the morning with the breakfast ready, must be heaven :))

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