Friday, September 28, 2012

Fatty by kitkat681

Title : Fatty
Author : kitkat681
Rated : M
Chapter : 33
Status : Completed
Pairing : E/B

Edward Cullen can't find something that's very important to him...his wang. But that's what happens when you are 363 pounds. Bella Swan is his only chance to live a real life and find what's missing and so much more.

Review :
Edward is fat and he wants to get in shape. He's tired of the joke on him. So he came to the gym and got help from personal trainer, Bella. At first, Edward really underestimated himself but Bella didn't let it happen. Bella sees Edward more than just throuh the scale. Within months, Edward shows progress, so does the progress of his feeling toward Bella. He can't deny that she has captured his heart. Edward also realized that Bella is the motivation so far.
Seems like easy fic, but truly this story is so deep. It tells about insecurities that happen to most of people who's not sexy, not slim, not in average shape, not fit in (like Bella said). This story teaches us that happiness is in the heart. In this story, Bella didn't come sexy, she was indeed fat once. She felt those insecurities. Even at the moment she got the shape she craved, she still feels that. So does Edward.
All those heavy stuff unfolded in a humor words, easy and well written. Love this fic. So beautiful.
The quote I like : 
I may always be a fatty.
But I'm happy, healthy and surrounded by people I love. 
And in the end…that's all that matters.

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