Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Confessions After Dark by 2DrunkUnicorns

Title: Confessions After Dark
Author: 2DrunkUnicorns
Status: Complete
Genre: Romance
Rated: M
Pairing: Edward/Bella

"Everyone has something they'd like to confess…" Every Friday night, he calls. And every time he calls, I listen. A story about what happens when fantasy blends into reality – when the secrets we share are just as important as the secrets we keep.

Confessions After Dark. Well DAMN HOT. How can you survive, listening to Edward's voice, talking dirty, about his fantasies about you?
Can you handle sex-phonecall from Edward?
Yeah this Edward is in deep secret in love with Bella. They work in the same radio station together but Edward isn't brave enough to make a move. So he make a phone call in Bella's program, Confessions After Dark. What does he confess? Read to find out!


P.S. This is a story from collaboration between cosmo & jaime or Cosmogirl7481 & jarkin33. Awesome!

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