Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Girl by suzie55

Judul : My Girl
Author : suzie55
Rated : M
Bab : 2
Tamat : Sudah
Cast : E/B

Bella bertemu dengan Edward, murid baru di sekolahnya. Walaupun Bella sudah punya pacar yang populer, tapi Edward tetap menyita perhatian dan pikirannya. Bella pun mulai tergoda. Di saat yang tepat, tempat yang tepat, Bella putus dengan Jacob dan memilih Edward. Bella meninggalkan popularitas yang ia dapat saat berkencan dengan Jacob, tapi ia tak peduli. Selama ia dapat terus bersama orang yang paling dicintainya, hingga ujung waktu.
So romantic ! Love this story. Edward yang rebel, selengekan, naik motor, tapi hatinya romantis dan lembut. It's like a dreamy guy. I believe that kind of guy does exist out there somewhere ;)
My fave part :
He takes off, jolting us both back from the power of the motor. As soon as we exit the drive-in, he pulls over and takes his helmet off. He jumps off the bike and fits it onto my head, securing the strap snuggly under my chin. He kisses me on the nose and says, "You look good in my helmet. You think you might want to wear it on a more regular basis?"
My heart sings, "Yes, I would definitely like to wear your helmet."
"So, you'll be my girl?"

Link : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6546721/1/My_Girl

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